Big Little Lies ★★½

Once you get to the point in writing your story where the mystery revolves around the ability of a group of first-graders to keep a secret from their parents and there is not one weak link among them, for weeks on end, the mystery is over. I cannot believe they made this the linchpin of the story and everybody just accepted it like it was no big deal and they gave this show a second season. For Christ's sake.

Also, the answer to this mystery requires some thoroughly absurd coincidences.

I like shows (movies, books) with a definite sense of place but I have to say that Big Little Lies did not get Monterey right at all. Especially since the show is for some reason explicitly stated to be taking place in Monterey proper and not, like, Carmel or something.

All this may sound like I hated every minute of this but I didn't, it's just that the thing with mysteries and thrillers is that the ending can well and truly ruin the whole experience.

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