Bringing Up Baby ★★★★

Hawks sure knows how to keep that comedic ball in the air so well that whatever is going on seems to become art form of its own. I guess one can only reach for that kind of self-sufficiency when they are single-handedly creating a new genre. If those who create it play this well, then it's no surprise that most who come after look like amateurs. If Hawks talked about picture being successful when it manages to have five good scenes and not annoying the audience during the rest of the time, I'm not sure Bringing Up Baby could be counted as success since its characters are downright annoying and nothing seems to help them. But once the outside pressure to behave erupts for one reason or another, suddenly they seem almost sane when compared to "philanthropists" and drunk-with-power serifs and deputes. Perhaps the key to their likability is in losing the self-seriousness that comes to only slow these people down the crazier things get.