Once ★★★

I'm definitely missing something here cause this didn't work very well for me at all. It leaves a terrible first impression with the cinematography at the beginning, but that aspect improves as the film goes along (even if the flat lighting doesn't). The bigger issue for me is how the script feels entirely barebones, rendering the story and romance very basic and unengaging. I don't feel a particularly strong connection between the main characters and I don't feel like I know them well at all.

The movie's saving grace is definitely the music; every song sequence is genuinely magical and it elevates the entire package. I wish I could just fall in love with this film; it's impressive for a low-budget picture and I'll probably be listening to the songs again. I'll probably give the Broadway musical a try; hopefully without the budget-related issues this film is unfortunately afflicted with, and hopefully with a better script, I'll get into it a lot more.