Masculin Féminin ★★★½

I have several half-quips, but I was too moved to leave it at that. If all you have is a hammer...

Here’s Godard near his most cynical. Unlike with Adieu au Langage, he still seems to think that there’s something discernibly true/real/objective beneath culture, language games, and signifiers. But it’s disingenuous to compare a film from the mid-sixties to one from 2014.

It’s probably impossible to separate youth culture and socialization from individual superegos and ids. They fuel each other. At least single-season fashion models and Yé-Yé starlets with a similar lifespan aren’t generally assholes and don’t make conceited, grandiose claims about life. Politics isn’t a status symbol to pick up women, conduct smug interviews, impress your buddies, and fill leaflets. And there’s the obvious misogyny, but who knows how much of it’s an unintended product of the mid-60s. After all, Godard isn’t Rohmer. There’s probably a reason the two mindsets were gendered.

And to think that Paul and his ilk pulled off a series of unrests three years later. It’s facile to say the Coca-Cola eventually beat out the Marx, but something sure did.

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