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  • The Four Times

    The Four Times


    After watching Le Quattro Volte it was early evening. I walked outside and pulled some small splits from our wood stack in preparation to build the evening fire. I brought them into the kitchen, laid them near the stove, and gathered some dry kindling like I always do.

    I opened the stove door, and delicately shoveled the top layer of fine ash and dust and carefully deposited it into the ash pail beside the stove like I always do. The…

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  • Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills

    Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills


    One would think that Bartel would just progress from what worked with Eating Raoul, his pet project and critical success. While he transplants some of that type of absurdist humour, he creates a new type of midnight madness genre film combining everything he has done in the past, and then added some heart and pathos …. Not enough to get in the way of the absurdity, mind you. The skill of the veteran actors is really on show here. While…

  • Private Parts

    Private Parts


    Quick take just after watching.

    I’ve been slowly trying to get to all the Bartel’s I could get my hands on. He continues to confound. I was going to come to the conclusion that I only like films that he has penned, yet I loved Lust in the Dust.

    I don’t think I’m enough into the Corman brothers output to really judge this. I’m sure he brought something to the table … as he was simply a Director For Hire,…

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  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    Two Hundred And Twenty Five Million Dollars.

    The budget for this turd was Two Hundred And Twenty Five MILLION dollars.

    What else would this sum buy you? I checked; a random search for 2014 / 2013 favourites lists here on LB. I looked at 30 or so, and picked out what I saw as peoples favourites.

    Under the Skin $16M
    Boyhood $2.4M
    Only Lovers Left Alive $7M
    Grand Budapest Hotel $31M
    Her $23M
    12 Years a Slave $20M

  • Whiplash



    Before my parents married, my father was studying to be a concert pianist at the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto; the upper echelon of musical academies up here in the Great White North. Before that, while still at home in New Brunswick, he would spend his weekends playing in a swing dance band; This is where he met my mum. He spent his weekday evenings practicing at home.

    My grandfather, a colonel in the Canadian army, advocated his…