Journey 2: The Mysterious Island ½

By far one of the worst Hollywood big-budget movie scrip I have ever seen. SOO cheesy, cliché, no logic or imagination for dialogs and is astonishing even... (the first-year student in film school would do a better job than this) Visually - excellent. Really! Pictures are great, most of (not all!) CGI is awesome. And I really hope that the actors got paid well for this gig. That would be one upside for them to be part of such a project. And it is sad and painful to watch how, otherwise, great actors have to say so dumb lines and do so dumb things (especially poor Luis Guzmán-why that character had to be such a simpleton, it is beyond my understanding).
I understand it was made to be a simple, fun family movie you watch with kids. But just because it is a kids' movie, why does it have to be stupid? Kids are not stupid (in general:)!
So, all and all, if you watch without a sound (as I did) and you skip certain parts, lower your expectations, it is, no...- it is NOT worth even a one-time background-while-scrolling-Instagram movie...sry. No recommendation from me:(
If I would watch it in the cinema, this would be the 2nd movie I would ever walk out of before finishing. Thank God for Netflix:D

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