War Dogs ★★★½

I really kind of dig these based on a true story movies that spice things up with comedy. If nothing else they are at least entertaining.
War Dogs biggest strengths is it's leads. I like Miles Teller and Jonah Hill, and they work well together. They have a natural chemistry and are believable as friends. Also has the sweet Ana de Armas in what is I believe her first English speaking role.
Well made, but nothing exceptional. The plot itself bugs me a bit mostly in the portrayal of David, who they try really hard to frame as sympathetic but honestly he's just an idiot. How many people warned him? How many red flags were flown in his face? He's an even bigger idiot than Efraim if he buys into the nonsense being spewed. But he's an adult and in charge of his own life and could have bailed at any time. Just don't frame him as sympathetic and we can enjoy hating them both.
Entertaining and worth seeing just for Jonah Hill's laugh.