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  • Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

    Hannah Gadsby: Douglas


    did some research and found that nothing is funnier than hannah gadsby going off about art history. you’re just gonna have to trust me on this one because i ran the facts and figures

  • World of Tomorrow

    World of Tomorrow


    “this is me.. and mommy. this is me and mommy walking”

  • Vita & Virginia

    Vita & Virginia


    “one thing has remained a beacon, these past 6 weeks lying in bed: your belief in my strength”

    watching this movie when i desperately need a medium sized cry? that’s free therapy. throw over your man, bitch 😭

  • Orlando



    the absolute flex of writing this classic because of a love affair with vita sackville-west... exactly virginia

  • Unsettling Scenes

    Unsettling Scenes

    ok... i FELT that 😭 (you can watch it here!)

  • The Passion of Anna

    The Passion of Anna


    i don’t know how exactly to talk about this one but girl i am living. liv ullmann is kind of the greatest actor of all time

  • HAIM / Valentine

    HAIM / Valentine


    i got the serve bitch let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets

    National Treasure: Book of Secrets


    i’ve been trying to finish this rewatch for over a week now which really sums up how my quarantine is going. also, these two movies were cinematic nirvana when i saw them in theaters as a kid and that feeling never went away. who wants to go treasure hunting with me when this is all over?

  • Nimic



    i BELIEVE in mimic supremacy

  • Shame



    "and the whole time i knew that there was something i should remember, something someone had said. only it escaped me"

  • Hour of the Wolf

    Hour of the Wolf


    my man ingmar said do you mind if i go a lil wild and symbolic with this one? and i said by all means ingmar you do what you need to do

  • La Chambre

    La Chambre


    go chantal akerman that's chantal akerman y'all