How I Letterboxd: Joe Lynch

Self-described cinedork and Mayhem filmmaker Joe Lynch tells Horrorville’s Brett Petersel about cinematic sausage, getting to direct Creepshow episodes and being a three-star starter on Letterboxd.

After Agnès: Ten French Filmmakers to Watch in 2021

It’s not every day that a grass-roots fandom inspires a Letterboxd Easter egg, but the love for Portrait of a Lady on Fire was so strong that those flames are here to stay. With a new Céline Sciamma fairytale on the horizon, we invited #PortraitNation founder Sarah Williams to highlight ten femmes de cinéma with new works due out this year, and suggest films from their back catalogs to watch now.

How I Letterboxd: Justin LaLiberty

Programmer and Vinegar Syndrome archivist Justin LaLiberty talks to Jack Moulton about erotic cinema, getting anal about film restoration and aspect ratios, and his love for Last Action Hero.

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“There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive [a horror movie].”

This movie is fucking delicious.
I will fully admit I am friends/collaborators with some of the cast & crew of this film but that doesn’t mean I can’t process my love for it. Stevens and gang deliver everything I love about the genre, from chills to laughs to splatter to character pathos to some serious scares.
Just when you thought a sub genre had exhausted all its avenues, here comes Ann and Jacob. 
Crampton (her best role since FROM BEYOND) and Fessenden…

Exquisitely interior. Unfairly maligned due to its awards-season positioning.

julio stealing every second and still had time to destroy the homosexual barista industrial pipeline with double barrettes

patti is lovely! more patti plz!!




In the middle of the movie my dad leaned over and whispered “this is my black panther”

TIFF #8: Violation (dir. Dusty Mancinelli, Madeleine Sims-Fewer)
Me in the first half of the film: why the heck is this a Midnight Madness title??
Me in the second half: oh.

X-Ray Spex is undoubtedly one of the greatest punk bands of the late 1970s. Their lead singer, Poly Styrene (born Marianne Joan Elliott-Said), immediately become an iconic component of the punk scene when the band erupted onto the scene with one of the era's most phenomenal singles, Oh Bondage, Up Yours

Their subsequent debut album Germfree Adolescents continued her feminist punk rallying cry; it's easily amongst the all-time greatest punk albums ever made and one that's long been a favourite…

Love Kelley Kali's performance and the sensitivity with which the script tells its story. It's exhausting to watch, but not in a bad way, because it gives due weight to the struggles and indignities of simply trying to survive. The narrative structure plays a bit too loose to keep you engaged at every moment, and a lot of the emotional impact of the film is achieved only at the very end - would've loved to see more of the mother-daughter relationship throughout. But Kelley Kali is very talented, both on and off screen (shoutout to Angelique Molina as well).