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  • Blackmail



    -Have you decided which one you want to buy?

    -Which one will you recommend?

    (picks up gun)
    -"You must be really happy today."
    Glock 210...Austrian.
    (hands over gun)
    Mr. Bachchan used it in the film 'Deewar'.
    2 lakhs only.

    -Huh? (sets gun down)

    -(picks next gun up)
    "What's your name Basanti?"

    -(nods) Sholay.

    -The Colt 1851...American.
    Mr. Bachchan used this to kill Sambha.
    150,000 only

    -(quickly sets down gun)

    (picks up last gun and points)
    "Honor. Tradition! Discipline.

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood


    Death By Film Scavenger Hunt

    Sir Hiss was my fave. As penance, my bf will be bankrolling a Sir Hiss-starring vehicle to make up for his LIES (that there was already a Sir Hiss follow-on to this).

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  • Whisper of the Heart

    Whisper of the Heart


    Film Club Secret Cinema Round #30 - recced by Sal S.

    I was unaware that this was related to The Cat Returns (which I've seen), so I did a head-whip when I looked at the cover. Apparently The Cat Returns is a prequel that came out later, but I honestly don't remember much about it to say if the films work well together.

    When I put this on my watchlist, I must've missed that it was a teen romance. I…

  • One Day Pina Asked...

    One Day Pina Asked...

    The most striking and beautiful scene in this was the rehearsal filmed through the small open doorway at the beginning of the doc.

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